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Dyslexia Awareness Week 2017

Dyslexia Awareness Week 2017 

This year’s Dyslexia Awareness Week in Ireland will run for the first week of October 2017. We would love to see as much interaction from our members as possible to make this Dyslexia Awareness Week the most informative and awareness raising one yet. In particular we will be focusing on a strong social media campaign to help raise awareness of dyslexia. Our theme for 2017 is ‘Dyslexia: Hidden Potential”.


  • This Dyslexia Awareness Week we are asking the public to please support the work of the Dyslexia Association of Ireland. We provide information, assessment, education, training and advocacy; and less than half of our current activity is supported by government grants.
    With early identification and the right supports, Irish children with dyslexia can succeed with reading.
    Text READ to 50300 to donate €4.
    100% of your donation goes to Dyslexia Association of Ireland across most networks. Some networks apply VAT which means a minimum of €3.25 will go to Dyslexia Association of Ireland. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 0766805278.
    Thanks for your support.
  • 30th Sept. (10am – 4pm) Parents Information Day. DAI will host our ever popular Parent’s Information Day to kick off Dyslexia Awareness Week. You can book your place on this course here: This course will be run again in Dublin in November.
  • 3rd October (7pm) Dyslexia – The Positive Future. This free event consists of an informal conversation with 3 dyslexic adults who are successful in their respective fields. The idea behind the event is to have an open and honest discussion which focuses on the idea of hidden potential and the positive aspects of dyslexia with each individual’s own story at the centre of the conversation. We are hoping that this will be an uplifting and inspirational event and we are inviting both adults, parents and young people. The event may be recorded so that we can release clips in the following days on social media. Spaces are limited. Book your ticket here:
  • 5th October  (6.30pm) Adult Dyslexia – The Irish ExperienceThis free event will provide an opportunity for adults who experience dyslexia to come together in an informal setting and have a conversation about dyslexia and what it means for them. One of the most challenging issues that often face adults with dyslexia is having somebody else to talk to who understands what it is like to have dyslexia. We have invited three guest speakers to come along and share their experiences with you. Book your ticket here:
  • We have engaged with the media nationwide, and released data from our recent surveys with parents, adults, students and teachers on the current lived experience of dyslexia.
  • We will also have lots of other events over the month of October which is European Dyslexia Awareness Month including our new Dyslexia and Me seminars for children and young people with dyslexia. Details of these and all other events can be found on our Events page.
  • #iwishyouknew Social Media campaign. For Dyslexia Awareness Week 2017 we will again be using the hashtag #iwishyouknew for people to tweet and facebook us things that you wish teachers, parents. employers and others knew about dyslexia. It could be that you wish a certain teacher that really helped you knew how much that support meant to them or you may want to tell other parents the top tip you wish you would have known when you found out about your child’s dyslexia. Short 30 second video clips or text messages cab be submitted to Here’s DAI Ambassador Jane McGrath sharing what she wished her teachers knew about her dyslexia.

Hidden Potential – a new Irish short film on dyslexia

DAI is delighted to share ‘Hidden Potential’ a new Irish short film on dyslexia to mark Dyslexia Awareness Month (October 2017). This short film was made by Eamonn McMahon a talented young film-maker from Wicklow in Ireland, with some support from the Dyslexia Association of Ireland. Well done to all those involved in producing this lovely, moving short film. The film will also be shown this week as part of the Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival (

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