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Recommended Books

 Dyslexia: An Irish Perspective (2nd Edition) by Mary Ball, Anne Hughes and Wyn McCormack, Dyslexia Association of Ireland (2011).  Available from D.A.I.

Lost for Words – Dyslexia at Second Level and Beyond by Wyn McCormack, 3rd Edition Tower Press (2007).  Available from D.A.I.

The Dyslexia Checklist: A Practical Reference for Parents and Teachers by Sandra Rief & Judith Stern, Jossey Bass (2010). ISBN 978-0470429815.

Dyslexia in Secondary School, a Practical Handbook for Teachers, Parents &  Students  by J. Cogan & M. Flecker (2004) London: Whurr.

Specific Learning Difficulties: A Teachers’ Guide by M. Crombie (1992)   Glasgow: Jordanhill Publications.

Working Memory and Learning by S.E. Gathercole & Tracy Packiam Alloway  (2008)  Sage Publications.

Learning to Learn by G. Malone & D. Smith (1996). NASEN Publications

Music and Dyslexia: A Positive Approach by T.R. Miles, J. Westcombe & D. Ditchfield (Eds.) (2008) Wiley.

Teaching Children with Dyslexia, a Practical Guide by P. Ott (2007) London:  Routledge.

Perspectives On Dyslexia, Volumes 1 and 2 by G. I. Pavlidis (1990) Wiley.

Dyslexia:  A Parent’s and Teachers’ Guide by T. Payne & E. Turner (1998)  Multilingual Matters Ltd.

Successful Inclusion in the Secondary School by L. Peer & G. Reid (2001) London:  David Fulton.

Learning Difficulties in Reading and Writing:  A Teachers’ Manual by R. Reason & R. Boote (1986) NFER Nelson.

Dyslexia:  A Practitioner’s Handbook by G. Reid (1998) Wiley.

Count Me In! by R. Rose & M. Shevlin (2010) Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Dyslexia and Foreign Language Learning by E. Schneider & M. Crombie (2003)  London:  David Fulton.

The Science of Reading – A Handbook by M. Snowling. & C. Hulme (Eds.) (2005)   Blackwell.

Dyslexia:  Integrating Theory and Practice by M. Snowling & M. E. Thomson (1991)  London:  Whurr. 

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