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Famous People with Dyslexia

The following list of famous people with dyslexia was compiled mostly from press reports in which people describe their dyslexia. Others, particularly those long-deceased, for example, Leonardo da Vinci, demonstrated classic symptoms of dyslexia.

Actors and Entertainers

Cher. Pop star, actress.

Tom Cruise. Actor.

Stuart Dunne. Actor.

Noel Gallagher. Member of rock group Oasis, song-writer.

Susan Hampshire. Actress.

Salma Hayek. Actress.

Anthony Hopkins. Actor.

Eddie Izzard. Comedian, actor.

Keira Knightley. Actress.

Brendan O’Carroll. Comedian, Writer & Actor.

Shane Lynch. Singer from Boyzone.

Aidan Bishop. Comedian.

Kara Tointon. Actor (to see a programme about Kara, click the following links)    part 1 part 2 part 3 part


Artists and Designers

Pauline Bewick. Artist.

Leonardo da Vinci. Artist, inventor.

Tommy Hilfiger. Clothes designer.

Pablo Picasso. Artist.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Artist, designer.



Muhammad Ali. Boxer.

Duncan Goodhew. Swimmer.

Johhny Herbert. Racing driver.

Magic Johnson. Basketball player.

Paul Merson. Soccer player.

Sir Steven Redgrave. Winner of 5 Olympic Gold Medals for Rowing.

Sir Jackie Stewart. Racing driver.



Richard Branson. (Virgin)

Henry Ford. (Ford motor cars)

Ted Turner. (Media)

Anita Roddick. (The Body Shop)

Jamie Oliver. (Chef, Restraunteur, Food Campaigner)


Inventors and Scientists

Thomas Eddison. Inventor, e.g. the light-bulb.

Albert Einstein. Scientist, mathematician.

Michael Faraday. Scientist.


Politicians and Leaders

Winston Churchill. Politician, author.

Michael Heseltine Politician.

King Olaf of Norway. Monarch



Hans Christian Anderson. Author

Agatha Christie. Detective Author.

W.B. Yeats. Poet.

Don Mullan. Irish Author and human rights campaigner. 

An article by Don Mullan about having dyslexia can be downloaded below (PDF format): Don Mullan – Presentation from 2004 Conference

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