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Study and Organisation Aids

A very common feature of dyslexia is poor organisation skills, which affects many areas, e.g. time-keeping, planning study timetables, and especially the organisation of information, whether it is making good revision notes or the organisation of longer written passages. The following programmes are outlined for information purposes; their inclusion does not constitute a recommendation. 

Concept-mapping or mind-mapping software programmes are very useful tools for students who have good visual-spatial ability. Information can be converted into a visual mind-map containing key information, pictures and showing connections. Students can use mind-mapping software to create visual revision aids, but it can also be used for brainstorming, concept mapping and planning essays. Kidspiration (for younger students) and Inspiration are some of the most commonly used programmes of this type. Mind Genius is another good programme for older students and adults in the workplace. There are lots of mind-mapping apps for tablets and smartphones – Popplet is one example.

MyStudyBar is a set of portable open source and freeware applications to help dyslexic students with studying, assembled into one package. It includes tools for mind-mapping, customising fonts and background colours, a talking dictionary and text-to-speech features. It is completely free to use.

There are some programmes on the market which may help to improve memory using various interactive activities and games, e.g. Mastering Memory. They present sequences of pictures, words and symbols to be remembered, and gradually increase the difficulty level and speed. There are some apps that aim to help improve memory; Memory Workout and Brain School Training are two examples.

Some older students and adults find using a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), electronic organiser or their mobile phone applications helpful to keep track of coursework requirements, when an essay or project is due, making to-do lists and study timetables.


StudySmart – Apps for Reading, Writing & Organisation

Enable Ireland AT Service and the Dyslexia Association of Ireland have collaborated to produce a free learning resource outlining free and low cost apps and software to support literacy. This short eLearning module should be of interest to parents, students, teachers and other professionals working with people with dyslexia. To access the module just follow the link below and click the “Login as Guest” button.

This free module is available in a number of formats if you would like to use it on your own blog or website. It is also available in SCORM format for use in schools or colleges own Learning Management Systems (Moodle etc.) (contact


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