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Developing Keyboard/Typing Skills

Computer literacy is a skill for life, and to be able to use a word processor effectively all students should learn to touch type properly.  It does take time and effort but it is well worth it, and best to start early, before any bad habits develop.  Regular practice is the key, and there is a wide range of typing tutor programmes available for all ages, e.g. Nessy Fingers, Type to Learn, Englishtype Junior and Senior, Touch Type Read Spell and Mavis Beacon; please note that these programmes are listed for information purposes and their inclusion does not constitute a recommendation.  If the use of a word processor helps students to achieve, they should be able to produce homework, projects and house exams in this way.

The reasonable accommodations allowed in state and college examinations include the use of a word processor for some students.   If a school or college is to assess whether a student would benefit from using a word processor in examinations, the student needs to be proficient in its use.  This means, in the case of a Junior Certificate student, that good keyboarding skills should be in place by the end of second year.

It is never too late to learn how to type correctly. Adults of all ages can learn to touch type, but like with most learning, the earlier it is done the better.

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