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Recommended Books

Living with Dyslexia: Information for Adults with Dyslexia by A. Hughes et al, Dyslexia Association of Ireland (2009).  Hard copies available from DAI.  Online version available from the download section of this website.

Dyslexia: An Irish Perspective by M. Ball, A. Hughes and W. McCormack, Dyslexia Association of Ireland Press (2011).  Available from D.A.I.

Making Dyslexia Work for You: A Self-Help Guide by V. Goodwin and B. Thomson, 2004, David Fulton Publishers. ISBN 978-1843120919

Dyslexia in the Workplace by D. Bartlett and S. Moody, 2010, Wiley Blackwell. ISBN 978-0470683743.

Dyslexia and Employment edited by S. Moody, 2009, Wiley Blackwell. ISBN 978-0470694787.

Dyslexia: How to Survive and Succeed at Work by S. Moody, 2006, Vermilion. ISBN 978-0091907082.

Dyslexia in Adults: Education and Employment by G. Reid and J. Kirk, 2001, Wiley Blackwell. ISBN 978-0471852056.

Dyslexia: Surviving and Succeeding at College by S. Moody, 2007, Routledge. ISBN 978-0415430593.

Study Skills for Dyslexic Students edited by S. Hargreaves, 2010, Sage. ISBN 978-1412936095.

The Mind Map Book: Radiant Thinking by T. Buzan, 2000, BBC Books, ISBN 978-0563537328

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