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Adults, particularly young adults who have recently completed their education, may find that the working environment is not as supportive of people with dyslexia as third level institutions are.  A great deal of help and support may be provided at third level and it is very acceptable to declare one’s dyslexia.  In the working world the situation can be very different.  A major dilemma facing young people about to enter the workforce, as well as adults moving jobs, is whether to inform prospective employers that they have dyslexia.

Very little research has been done on employer awareness of dyslexia in Ireland.  What little exists bears out what Gavin Reid, says of the UK:

“It has been suggested that employers may be less sensitive to dyslexic type disabilities than they are to other, more visible disabilities”.

Therefore, the job seeker who declares his/her dyslexia on application for a job is taking a gamble.

It could turn out that the employer or human resources manager is aware of dyslexia and operates a system of equal opportunity.  If the applicant does get the post, it is very probable that support will be provided to facilitate the employee.  If, on the other hand, an applicant does not declare dyslexia before accepting a job offer, it could be difficult to request support or facilities at a later stage.

The biggest fear that job applicants have is that if they declare their dyslexia they may never get to the interview stage, never mind getting a job offer.  If an applicant decides to raise the matter of his/her dyslexia at interview stage then it is important that they present their situation positively, telling the interviewer just what they can do and the qualities they would bring to the job.

An individual who felt that he or she had been discriminated against on the basis of a disability, such as dyslexia, could consider taking a case to the Equality Tribunal.  The Equality Authority can be contacted for informal information and advice on any matter relating to equality and discrimination.  The phone number of the Equality Authority is 1890 245545. The website is

AHEAD, the Association for Higher Education and Disability have produced a very good booklet on disclosure to help people to make the best decision and consider all the pros and cons. The booklet is available on their website .

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