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Lobbying and Campaigning

DAI has a long and proud history lobbying and campaigning for, and on behalf of, children, young people and adults with dyslexia in Ireland.  Much of the improved awareness and provision currently on offer has been due to the sustained campaigning done by DAI and our members. However, this is an ongoing process as there is more work to do to make Ireland a truly dyslexia friendly society.

DAI both nationally and local is active is lobbying and campaigning for greater awareness and improved services for those dealing with dyslexia.  The Dyslexia Association regularly makes submissions to relevant government departments and organisations, such as the Department of Education and Skills.

All DAI members are also encouraged to lobby and campaign, as there is great strength in numbers.

The following are some questions to ask your local politicians when they come looking for your vote:

  • If there are now so many special needs teachers in the system why are so many children with dyslexia not getting the help they require in school?
  • Why is the National Educational Psychological Service unable to meet the needs of children requiring psycho-educational assessment?
  • Why is there no equivalent public assessment service for adults with queried dyslexia?
  • Will the politician pressure the Department of Education and Skills to provide adequate funding to the Dyslexia Association on a multi-annual basis?
  • Will the politician press the Minister for Finance to provide some form of financial assistance to individuals and families to help towards the costs associated with dyslexia (assessment, specialist tuition, assistive technology)?

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DAI activities are part-funded by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government (Scheme to Support National Organisations 2016-2019 administered by Pobal), the Special Education Section of the Department of Education and Skills, SOLAS and KWETB.