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Communications & Fundraising Sub-Committee

Terms of Reference

Purpose: The Communications & Fundraising Sub-Committee advises the Board in relation to annual communications activities and fundraising plans.

The function of this sub-committee is:

  • To develop and oversee communication policy and strategy for DAI to include advising on response to media issues and to develop the profile of the association nationally.
  • To develop and oversee implementation of DAI fundraising strategy
  • To develop volunteer groups who with the support of staff implement the fundraising strategy on the ground.
  • To oversee funds raised and costs (if any) of fundraising activities.

Membership: The maximum number of members of the Sub-Committee shall be set at 10.  The CEO and Information & Advocacy Coordinator will be ex-officio members.

Chair: Sarah McNally (Board member)

Secretary: Information & Advocacy Coordinator (ex-officio)

This sub-committee meets approx. 6 times each year and reports to the Board after each meeting.


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DAI activities are part-funded by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government (Scheme to Support National Organisations 2016-2019 administered by Pobal), the Special Education Section of the Department of Education and Skills, SOLAS and KWETB.